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Annual Parish Pledge


I Give Because...

"Giving is one of my ministries to my community, my family, and to my spiritual vitality: the Church"

Please visit us or contact us to make your annual pledge to the parish! You can make checks payable to: 

Church of St. Matthew and St. Timothy.

26 West 84th Street, 

New York, NY 10024  

We will send you a tax receipt of all donations made. 

Fishbowl Offering

A Special Collection for Mission

We have a vision of mission around the corner and around the world. In our church, one way in which we echo that vision is through the Fishbowl Offering. In addition to the items funded through our budget, each week we collect a loose-change offering.  Our community designates at the Annual Meeting each year the places to which this offering goes.  Two quarters are designated for work around the world and two are designated to work closer to home.

A plastic fishbowl is distributed (usually by the youngest member of our parish in attendance at the Sunday morning service) to collect our gifts.  These loose bills and change are separate from the envelopes we may put in the collection plate. We look in our pocketbooks and wallets for an additional way to change things.


1st quarter – International Program (2017-2021 New York - Haiti Project) 

2nd – Youth Program

3rd – Seamen’s Church Institute

4th – SMST Meals Program 

*On occasion, because of emergencies, disasters or special requests, we may designate a portion of a quarter to a specific unforeseen cause. 

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Holiday, School, and Winter Supplies


School Supplies Drive

Contribute school supplies. You can drop them off directly at our parish office during office hours, mail them to us, or send us donation via our wish list (TBA).

Winter Supply Drive

Contribute winter supplies for low-income and homeless individuals and families. You can drop them off directly at our parish office during office hours, mail them to us, or send us donation via our wish list (TBA). 

*We accept donations all year round

Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Drive

(More information to be announced closer to the holidays)

Meeting God on the Mountain Top


About the Project

Begun in October of 2017, this initiative raises funds to benefit a mountaintop Puerto Rican Episcopal diocese and four surrounding communities, which are still without power and potable water almost six months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 

100% of funds raised go to benefit the communities. 

The Current Situation

More than half a million people in Puerto Rico are still without electricity, and those who have electricity are still on an unreliable energy grid.  Although many have water, these mountaintop communities still do not have water. They depend on rain water or water brought by tankers.

Furthermore, these are communities where coffee grows.  The coffee crops were decimated. It will take three years to get a usable crop of coffee beans.

Things were hard in these communities before the hurricanes – it is tougher now. 


We accept cash, checks, and digital payments via Zelle. 

(All donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.)

  • Checks can be made out to and mailed to: The Church of St Matthew and St Timothy, 26 West 84th St., New York  NY 10024.
  • Digital: QuickPay by Zelle -- please call 212-362-6750 for information on how to use  Zelle.

Donations may also be made through the Episcopal DIocese of New York, which has a Caribbean Relief Fund.


  • Support Us On Social Media
    Please ‘like’ the page “Meeting God on the Mountain Top” on Facebook.  (It also can be found by the username @DiosEnPuertoRico.)
  • Attend a Benefit
    Next benefit: TBA, please also see our CALENDAR for the most up-to-date information
  • Pray!
    Please continue praying for this initiative.


$15,000 has been raised to date.

  1. 1,100 water filtration systems were purchased, assembled, flown to Puerto Rico, and have been distributed. 
  2. An Epiphany party was offered for the four communities on January 6, including the arrival of the Three Kings, a great feast, and distribution of gifts (500).  The day started with a service led by the bishop.
  3. We have ordered some initial solar panels to provide power to these communities, and have cost estimates for water storage cisterns.  All churches in the area need solar panels, as do the attached rectories, as does a retreat center, inactive for several years, which will be renewed in order to provide steady employment and ongoing revenue to this devastated area. 
    Initial cost estimate: $25,000-$30,000, for 7 solar systems and 3 cistern systems.
  4. The partnerships in the initiative have now grown to include the Diocese of New York, with the establishment of a fund and a task force.
  5. A group from Manhattan and Brooklyn traveled to Puerto Rico in early March, to see the communities firsthand and to assess the retreat center, the comprehensive energy needs in the area, and to begin conversations on longer-term projects and relationships.

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting!  We will try to update this page as often as possible, but for the most up-to-date information, please follow the “Meeting God on the Mountaintop” Facebook page.

If you have any question please contact us.