Sunday Food Program


Sundays at 2:00 PM from October through June

In the Gospel according to St. Matthew, Jesus tells a story to his disciples of how a king judges his people.  Jesus says that those that bless the king will be blessed.  It sounds like a familiar moral code: tit-for-tat.  The twist in this story comes when Jesus relates the way in which the king’s people bless him.  The king says that those who nourish the needy in his kingdom have blessed him.  Jesus relates, “Just as you did it to the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”


Volunteering in a Soup Kitchen team at Saint Matthew and Saint Timothy means that once every six weeks (there are currently six teams that rotate weekly from October through June), you’ll be a a part of preparing and serving the homeless and hungry of our community.  In those who are least able to help themselves and those that are in need, you will see an opportunity for blessing.

Volunteer with the Soup Kitchen!

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer with the Soup Kitchen. We have six rotating teams and welcome one-time volunteer teams as well!